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ZPrinter 310 Plus

The ZPrinter® 310 Plus creates physical models directly from digital data in hours instead of days. It  is fast, versatile and simple, allowing engineers to produce a range of concept models and functional test parts quickly and inexpensively. The system is ideal for an office environment or educational institution, providing product developers easy access to a 3D Printer.

The ZPrinter 310 Plus' sleek design and straightforward user interface make it the ideal entry-level rapid prototyping system. In addition, the versatility of the machine allows users to make parts quickly for early concept evaluation and testing, painted parts for a finished look, or patterns for casting applications.

ZPrinter 310 Plus - Technical Specifications

  • Build Speed: 2 - 4 layers per minute
  • Build Size: 8” x 10” x 8”
    (203 x 254 x 203 mm)
  • Layer Thickness: User selectable at the time of printing; 0.0035”-0.008” (.089-.203 mm) 
  • Material Options: High performance composite, elastomeric, direct casting, investment casting 
  • Equipment Dimensions: 29” X 34” X 43”
    (74 x 86 x 109 cm) 
  • Equipment Weight: 255 lbs. (115 kg) 
  • System Software: Z Corporation’s proprietary software accepts solid models in STL, VRML PLY, and 3DS file formats as input. ZPrint™ software features 3D viewing, text labeling, and scaling functionality. The software runs on Microsoft Windows* NT, 2000 Professional, XP Professional and Vista. 
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